We welcome introducers for the SWIFT Trade Desk.


Introducer Role  
  The Introducer will add a new Client to the Buddy Dashboard.
  Introducer will arrange time for Vantu Bank Trade Floor specialist to meet the new Client via Skype or phone.
  After the initial meeting with Introducer and Client, then all communications will remain between Vantu Bank and the Client.
  The Introducer’s role is now complete.
  The Introducer can then work on introducing the next Client or Bank.

Trading with Vantu Bank

In order to trade, you need to enter into an Introducer's Trade Account Agreement with Vantu Bank.

If you are personally the introducer, you will sign the Personal Trade Account Agreement linked below.

Personal Trade Account Agreement

If you are representing a company or other entity, you will sign the Corporate Trade Account Agreement linked below.

Corporate Trade Account Agreement

Termination of Introducer Role

If the Introducer interferes with the transaction between the Client and Vantu Bank, then Vantu Bank will terminate the relationship with the Introducer resulting in the cancellation of the credit line and any future possibility of trading. Vantu Bank will close the Introducer's trading account and any cash in any account at Vantu Bank owned by the Introducer will be transferred to the account nominated by the Introducer.