We are a small, efficient professional banking team that specialises in providing fast, flexible, dedicated and targeted solutions for clients needs.

Due to our customer-oriented focus, our team is located around the world and provides 24 hours a day, 6 days a week customer support and service.

Vantu Bank gives you access to your financial information – and your money – where you need it, when you need it, 24/7.

Our unique infrastructure includes the following:

Secure Internet Banking

Vantu Bank is a private international bank. It exists to serve customers who do business globally and demand a high level of personalised service. We do not have brick-and-mortar branches with tellers handling cash at the counter. All transactions are handled online and all remittances made and received by electronic means.

This removes one of the biggest risks of money laundering.

Banking System

Security is a first requirement at Vantu Bank.

Our banking system is provided by Megasol, a Swedish company that specialises in online banking software with its main server in an underground former army bunker and its backup system located in a different country.

Document Management

Our officers and staff share their confidential documents with a proprietary secure online document and contact management system developed in-house to the exacting requirements of our legal and technology officers before Vantu Bank commenced business and having a track record of more than 5 years of secure information sharing.

Encrypted E-mail

Vantu Bank values its customers’ privacy to the maximum extent that the law allows. We do not accept the risks of communicating their private financial affairs via Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo mail.

Vantu Bank provides every customer with an end-to-end encrypted e-mail, chat, audio call, video call and secure file transfer package with the primary server located overseas and encourages all customers to communicate with the Bank only through this secure communication system.