Corporate Services

Vantu Bank's partner in providing corporate services is Vanuatu Registry Services Ltd (VRS).

VRS was incorporated in 2008 for the specific purpose of assisting the Republic of Vanuatu to:

  • broaden its diplomatic representation throughout the world.
  • expand its international (offshore) company market.
  • promote eco-friendly investment in Vanuatu.
  • market itself as a must-visit tourist destination and desirable business location.
  • outsource administrative functions on an efficient and cost-effective basis.

VRS was appointed Deputy Commissioner of the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission (VFSC) on 12th December 2008, see VFSC website. As Deputy Commissioner, VRS is a direct representative of the Government of Vanuatu and is vested with authority to affix and witness the Commission's official seal to Certificates of Incorporation, Constitutions and Certificates of Good Standing in relation to companies incorporated under the International Companies Act and to designate employees to act as Authorized Officers for the purpose.

In November 2012 VRS was appointed exclusive distributor and operator of the Vanuatu Capital Investment Immigration Plan for which it worked with the Bank's parent, EDC Capital Ltd., to fund and conduct Vanuatu's biggest ever public awareness campaign resulting in a two-thirds majority vote of Parliament to change the country's constitution to recognise dual nationality.

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